At DSA, we understand the importance of people, and acknowledge that business is not about what you do, but about who you are. With an eclectic mixture of experience, passions, and attitudes, our organisation thrives off leveraging these diverse backgrounds to approach our vocations on the principles of hard work, communication, and accountability.

Parris Stamos
Founder and Managing Director
Having founded the organisation and built it from humble beginnings to its current incarnation, Parris is the Chief Director of the organisation. Utilising his significant experience in marketing, management and construction, most of the strategic direction of DSA is born from his ideals and vision of the company.
Parris Stamos DSA
Michael Stamos
Director of Technical Services
Michael is the knowledge bank of the organisation. With an enormous amount of both practical and technical expertise in project management and engineering developed over years of industry experience, he has an exceptional working knowledge on how to get the most out of people on individual jobs.
Michael Stamos DSA
Paul Grigorgiou
Director of Operation
Paul is the central driver of everything that DSA does. Using his wealth of technical expertise and project management knowledge, he manages the interests of various stakeholders (both internal and external). Paul ensures that the strategic direction of the organisation is married with the everyday operations of DSA.
Paul Grigoriou DSA
Chris Spanos
Director of Finance
Chris has recently joined the senior executive team with responsibility for the financial health of the business. With over 30 years experience in the world of finance, Chris has now become an integral team member of DSA, ensuring that the exponential growth of the business is backed by a strong financial structure.
Chris Spanos DSA

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