At DSA, ensuring that we constantly and consistently deliver a comprehensive service is one of our main operational goals. We ensure this, above all, by maintaining effective communication with all stakeholders involved in any given project.

Therefore, we view every single project, every single client, and every single person we deal with, as a partner.

“Our partnership approach begins even before you sign a contract with us.”

We always discuss your needs and the frequency of services required. A DSA professional will always carry out an initial inspection, making notes of requirements and any areas that need special attention.

We then provide you with a scope of works to ensure that both you and ourselves have a strong understanding of the goals we are trying to achieve. Every member of the team is made aware of this scope and the high standards that we hold ourselves accountable to.

Our priority is making sure you are satisfied each and every time you engage with DSA for work.

We ensure this by making sure that we begin each project with a detailed briefing, conducting regular toolbox meetings, and ending jobs with a specific debrief with a particular focus on appraising where we can improve.

This process, and our dedication to communicating customer satisfaction, means that our processes and procedures are constantly disseminated across all DSA staff through our regular internal training programs. Because we run an open, honest operation at DSA, these internal training meetings (as well as many other aspects of our business) are open for attendance.


Parris Stamos



Founder & Director

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